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Developing Clean Natural Gas Power in the Black Sea Region

A Canadian O & G Co. with a disciplined growth strategy for assets in Turkey

Our Advantage – Shareholder Value Through Rapid Production Ramp Up

  • 17 Well programs to ramp up revenues in 2022
  • High program netbacks of over $7/MCF
  • Utilize an already paid for and under-utilized gas producing and processing infrastructure
  • Turn-key proven non-produced gas pools that can be tied into the existing infrastructure
  • Gas produced in a high gas price market US$9/MCF+
  • Additional Blue Sky prospects in hot areas play in the Black Sea


Green Energy

Natural gas plays an important role in shifting the world’s focus towards a cleaner, greener existence. Natural gas is attractive due to its superior air qualities, and its role in reducing local air quality problems. It is an appealing solution to assist in decarbonization and is a key component of becoming more environmentally friendly.

Strategic Gas Growth Assets

Trillion Energy is an international gas and oil producer. The Company has a simple clear strategy to add value to shareholders by ramping up production in extremely profitable proven non-produced gas reserves on the SASB gas field through existing infrastructure and facilities commencing in 2022.

Trading Symbol

CSE: TCF | Frankfurt: Z62 | OTC: TRLEF

SASB Gas Field

Key Projects

SASB Gas Field, Black Sea

Cendere Oil Field, Turkey

Vranino 1-11 Gas Exploration License, Bulgaria



Investor Information

CSE: TCF | Frankfurt: Z62 | OTC: TRLEF